Friday, June 18, 2010


A sport for those who coudn't make the baseball team? You be the judge.
Every time I turn on the World Cup and see the lads cavorting across the pitch, I'm reminded of the kiddies who were only allowed to shag foul balls for the ones who could actually play the game.
Read the whole piece here. And the Photoshopped picture here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Putin Speaks Out

In the greatest bit of political hypocrisy since Barry "I-inherited-this-Great-Recession-from-Bush" O'Bama told graduates they should "take responsibility . . .for [their] . . . failures", Vlad Putin treats the world to this little humdinger re. the Gaza blockade incident:
"The loss of peaceful civilians has caused a new exacerbation of the situation [in the Middle East]. . . . We are deeply worried by such a crude violation of the universally recognized norms of international law."
How 'bout this, Vlad? --We'll investigate the Israelis concurrently with an investigation of the Russian invasion of Georgia and annexation of South Ossetia. How many peacful civilians were killed in that little excursion?

Picture found here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Proud of Myself

Made the cousins cry when I posted this on FB.

(Have to admit it had the same effect on me.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


The Obama Zombies guy recently commented that 18 year olds in 1944 were off fighting Nazis while 18 year olds today spend their time complaining that their internet speed isn't fast enough. This, of course, was his way of belittling this generation who voted for Barry O'B bc. he was the first politician to send them text messages. And bc. he scored free Dave Matthews tickets for them.

Agree with Mattera or not about today's 18 year olds, his comment about the WWII generation struck a cord here, especially after recently having watched HBO's The Pacific. What these kids did on the sands of Normandy and Guadalcanal and in the battles beyond was simply beyond believable. Where would we be were it not for their sacrifice?

On this anniversary of D-Day, remember.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

No More Greased Pole

The powers that be at the Naval Academy wouldn't let the upper class people grease the obelisk this year. They were afraid the poor wuddle boys-n-girls might get hurt. Awww, isn't that sweet. Read a great comment here and an article in the Post.

Turkey vs. U.S.

"Turkey's contempt for Israel is also an expression of near total contempt for Washington," writes Mark Steyn in an interesting IBD editorial. Word is that the next "flotilla" to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza will receive an escort by the Turkish navy--an act of war by Turkey.

My question is this. Turkey is a NATO nation. We are obligated to defend NATO members who are attacked militarily. So if the Israelis and Turks get down to shooting at one another over this thing, aren't we obligated by NATO to defend Turkey?

This Turkish turn away from the West complicates the existing Mediterranean mayhem and marks a new era in Middle Eastern politics. The Ivy League brainiacs who now control American foreign policy have tough new Change to deal with.

Sop It Up with Hay

Here's a video about a cool and most unsophisticated way to sop up some of that oil that's spreading around the Gulf of Mexico. Hay is way cheaper than some of the other suggested methods.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


What an unbelievable nightmare. According to this WSJ article, it was nine minutes from the time methane gas started to hiss to the time they pushed the emergency cut off button. Which by then didn't work.

The ripple effects from this oil spill will be incredible.