Friday, October 8, 2010

I Guess She Was Right

This gal proclaimed on election day that Obama was going to pay for her gas and cover her mortgage payments. I've said from the beginning that the Powers-That-Be believe that housing is a human right and that before it's all over the Govt.--probably through Fannie and Freddie--will end up letting those who default stay in their homes. Free housing, owned by the Govt. (Who's going to pay to fix the roof or buy a new water heater when you're squatting in a Fannie-owned house?)

The banks are all halting foreclosure proceedings due to legal technicalities but I wonder if there's not some other reason. After all, if you're not making your mortgage payments, eventually someone will be knocking on the door no matter what's in the fine print.

I guess those continuing to make their mortgage payments--especially those who are under water--are just suckers.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sue on YouTube

Look at the one minute, 56 second point in this YouTube and you'll see The Missus for a brief second. She was the towel girl.

Forward to your friends. For every click on the video, United Healthcare of PA, which also paid for production of the video, donates a dime to breast cancer research up to $100,000. So they only need a million clicks. (Another evil corporation.)