Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yipee, Our Financial System is Collapsing

It's a tough position the Dems find themselves in having to root for further economic collapse.

Weather Channel weather people root for angry "Cat. Five" hurricanes. Firemen crave fires. Crazy lefties pray for higher unemployment and lower stock prices. The worse the economy gets, the better for Barry. Similar it is to the situation 18 months ago when they were cheering for the surge to fail in Iraq. The more casualties, the deeper the quagmire, the better chances that voters would choose "change".

It's not so different from crazy Republicans who hope for some sort of terrorist attack that would send voters McC's way.

Bottom line is that this economic mess is another Black Swan. It'll end up being the worst mess since the Great Depression. Greenspan calls it a once in a century occurrence. Maybe everyone should have seen it coming, but no one saw this coming. Blame it on Bush, on Congress, on Wall Street, on lobbyists, on predatory lenders and corrupt appraisers and spoiled Yuppies with their McMansions. Blame it on greed if you like, but all I ever saw was people trying to do the best they could. The blame game has no winner.

It is what it is.

Maybe we should just do like Willie and gratefully acknowledge that "fortunately we are not in control."


  1. Will--

    Some might argue we were long overdue for a correction from the giddy euphoria of the past several years' markets. Greenspan's overrated. We'll survive this market meltdown too. If you put $10 in the market ten years ago, you're still ahead.


  2. Yer right, we're long over due. Paybacks for years of excess. Doesn't make it easier, tho.

    Greeenspan can take his share of the blame for keeping rates so low for so long. He's definitely a jackass for opening his yap in retirement--not this particular comment but others that he'd made over the last six months. Who's he trying to be, Jimmy Carter?

  3. p.s. I got a little distracted there at the end if the post. The main point I was trying to make is that the Dems are celebrating the economic misery of others bc. it is to their advantage. It is at the least distasteful.

    A tough game politics.