Tuesday, September 30, 2008

P.S. on Pelosi

Just came across the Pelosi quote that I scribbled on scratch paper yesterday and which set this whole tirade off. From her news conference right after the House voted down the banking rescue bill:

"We delivered on our side of the aisle."

Either you're such a sad, back-benching hack that you will say anything or you are stupid and/or on crack and have no touch with reality. You delivered 60 percent of the House Democrats. 60 percent! You are the majority party! In the House that means you have control over everything. You, Madame Speaker, couldn't get 40 percent of your own party to vote with you?! You couldn't even get your own leadership to vote with you! Six committee chairmen voted no.

No, you did not deliver. And by that, I mean, you Speaker Pelosi did not deliver. You are completely incompetent.

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  1. Uncle Will--

    It's worse than that. Pelosi knew the vote was going against her and let her "leadership" vote no to save face at home in their districts during an election year. Knowing their "yes" votes were throw-aways, she let them off the hook for purely partisan political vote pandering.

    The House Dem(agogue-crat) whips let them off the hook....all while she was spewing venom at the GOP for lack of political courage.

    What do you get when you cross Baltimore big-labor traditional Dem values with San Francisco flakiness? Nancy fucking Pelosi.

    Hugs and kisses, etc, etc