Friday, July 25, 2008

"We Can't . . ." says Obie

"I have firmly believed since the beginning of this campaign and the last several years that we can't solve the problems we face in the United States alone," Obama told CNBC.

Well that's a pretty sad commentary coming for someone running for president. The candidate of hope, claims he.

I'm more on the side of T. Boone Pickens who says of the American energy dependence, "It's our crisis and we can solve it."

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  1. Will--

    Most energy experts place wind in the same category as ethanol--hugely inefficient and only feasible with massive taxpayer subsidy.

    The cynic in me agrees with Hawkens See especially the comments following the post, including many from engineers familiar with the problem.


  2. What can I say, I love it when a plan comes together. After hearing the series of flip-flops, called "plans" by windbags McSame and "The One," Pickens' plan actually seems ambitious and well-intended.

    Not some pie-in-the sky plan from the Democrats that will never, ever, ever work (due to its cost to implement), or some plan by the Republicans that coincidentally is backed by ExxonMobil...oops, how did that happen?

    Pickens is a businessman and is putting himself out on a limb to make a change, based on some real plans.

    Could he be wrong? Absolutely. But I guarantee that under his plan, any mistakes made would be FAR less aggregious (sp) than the strategic and financial errors that would be imminent under McCain and Obama's "plans."

    Just my opinion.

  3. By the way, I saw that you listed "Good to Great" in your profile. What an amazing study, with so much relevance to our world. We are all losing time, energy, and money by ignoring those examples in our day to day operations at work. You gained my respect by that listing alone!