Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No More CRAP

I've taken down the CRAPonSundays blog.

If you'd never been there, it stood for Church Regular Against Politics on Sunday. It was created as an answer to the constant flow of politics I was hearing from the pulpit at church--Geo Bush is the devil, we're torturing people in Guantanamo, universal health care and gay marriage are human rights. I've moved on to the Pour It blog and I've moved on from that church and that denomination, tho, have yet to find the right place to sit on Sunday mornings.

Inspiration for cutting the CRAP blog should be attributed to Willie Nelson. Just finished his and Turk Pipkin's book, The Tao of Willie. More on the book at a later date, but suffice it to say here that while the things said on the CRAP blog were straight from the heart, the negativity's no longer worth the effort. Too much hurt.

Wifey'd been telling me from the beginning that no one would read it bc. of the negative blog title. Tried to deny that the title was negative, that it was just clever, but I can no longer even convince myself of that.

I've saved all the posts for post-erity if anyone's curious. I went back a re-read a couple of them and a couple of them are actually pretty good.

But sometimes it's time to move along down The Path. The CRAP blog served its purpose.

And so the Journey continues. . . .


  1. awhile ago I started going to a Polish church in Silver Spring...where I don't understand 99% of what is being said. I tell people one of te advantages is that I know the sermon will never make me mad.

  2. I read it, but at the same time, when I wrote a post about how you were closing it, I did have some commenters who said they didn't read it because of the title.

    That's a smart wifey you've got.


  3. Devils advocate - would you have been similarly insulted if the sermons condemned Obama as a Muslim or Marxist, praised the Republican party, and talked about how everyone should vote for the party of "family values." (Parties aside, obviously very few politicans are truly "for" any kind of "family values"...not in their own lives anyway).