Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Voter ID

A liberal (or is it now "progressive"?) friend of mine made a comment the other night about how awful the Supreme Court ruling on the Indiana voter ID law was.

This kind of floored me bc. I knew that my friend is an active member of Common Cause, a liberal Move On-type group that works to "hold power accountable". I recalled that Common Cause had a big problem with the 2000 elections and figured they would support the Indiana law as a tool to reduce the potential for voter fraud.

So I went to the site and sure enough, on the Election Reform page on the Common Cause website it says:

"Since the electoral meltdown in the 2000 presidential election, each Election Day has raised new alarms that the foundation of our democracy - the right to vote in free and fair elections - remains beset with problems. Years after serious problems were exposed to the public, it has become increasingly apparent that our elections system is technologically, legally, and administratively inadequate and unfair." (Italics added.)

I just don't get. If the election system is flawed and unfair, wouldn't you want to do what you could to prevent voter fraud? Isn't the requirement to show a picture ID a great way to do that?

Evidently, six of The Nine agree with me and not my friend or Common Cause.

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  1. Accountability only seems attractive when it's the other guys being held accountable.