Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tragedy for Obama

Don't I remember a tragedy being defined as the fall of a hero due to circumstances that are no fault of his own? Due to a fatal character flaw? Obie's fatal flaw may be loyalty to his former minister.

Obie was to be the first post-racial candidate. He wasn't going to be the black candidate but rather the candidate for change, the candidate who would bring everyone together, the candidate who would help us leave the baggage behind. Through no fault of his own, tho, he can't seem to get past it. Obie declared in his now-famous speech about race in America that "I can no more disown [Rev. Wright] than I can disown the black community." Wright can't seem to be able to return the favor.

Obama's problem is that the good Reverend Wright has his own set of priorities--building his ministry, answering his calling, bathing in the lime light, feeding his narcissism, making some serious coin. Yes, there will be books. And speeches. Maybe even movie rights.

One of Wright's priorities does not appear to be doing what he can to help his congregant make it to the White House. Otherwise, surely, Wright would have no problem postponing his own time in the sun by stepping aside for a few months. No, Wright's agenda is more important to Wright than Obama's agenda is to Wright. An attack on Wright is now an attack on the Black Church in America, says Wright.

And that's sad news for Obie because it'll be hard for most of America to buy what Wright is selling. It appears that Wright has saddled Obie with quite a burden.

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