Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lame Duck Pleasures

It must be truly nice for some of the pressure to be off. . . .

And this one's even better.


  1. The pressure sure shouldn't be off President Bush. I commented that he sounded whiny at his press conference yesterday and was accosted for being petty that he is a poor speaker. It isn't the low level of elocution skills; it's the tone and body language!! There is no leadership in his delivery. John McCain, in the vernacular, isn't a dynamic speaker, but there is leadership in his demeanor. If all the people who want to call me petty would move past their closed minded cop out of shoving anyone who says anything about Bush a Bush basher, perhaps they would see and hear what I do.

  2. As someone who votes across the aisle (gun owner, pro-environment for example), I can tell you that I truly enjoyed the last 7 years of "If you don't support the President, you support the terrorists."