Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Because They're They

Who'da thunk that anyone could beat Billary?

Hil. was the apparent shoo-in, world record fund raiser, heir to the Presidency . . . whipped by a lad from Chicago (or is it Hawaii? Cambridge?).

It all came back to what they are--Bill and Hillary--the ultimate Ivy League power couple. What was it she said in the snows of New Hampshire in 1988, elect him and you get me for free? Something like that.

Well it turns out, the reason she lost is that we'd had enough of him, enough of them. Like the adolescent he is, he just couldn't keep out of it. America knew that for Billary, this was as much about him as it was about her. The prob is we don't really like her. And we don't want to return to the snarlin's under the Oval Office desk. Remember, if we were to elect her, we'd get him for free. (And I bet he'd have had a key to the Oval Office for use while she'da been out making life fair for every last American.)

All it took was an alternative who could deliver a promise of hope.

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