Monday, August 11, 2014

Chopping Off Heads

Has the fact that ISIS is chopping the heads off of Christian children turned you into a terrorist?  Does it make you want to do the same thing to their children?

The answer is no, for sure, because people in the civilized world do not chop the heads off of children for any reason--religious or otherwise.  No matter how ugly it gets over there, chopping off heads simply will never be in our repertoire here.

Yet the argument constantly is made that we should not get involved in that part of the world because doing so only “breeds more terrorism”.   If their savagery in Iraq doesn’t breed savagery here, why is it that our involvement there is supposed to breed terrorism?  

The argument that American involvement “breeds more terrorism” is asininity pure and simple.  Nothing that the West did, nothing that the civilized world did, nothing that Bush did or that Obama did, makes these thugs chop the heads off children.  Atrocities are caused by the people who commit them.

The vast, vast majority of people around the world just want to live in peace, raise their kids, and generally be left alone.  This is true for Muslims and Christians; for Africans, Indonesians, and Iowans; true in the First World, true in the Third World.

The fact is that these ISIS folks are something other than civilized.  We didn’t make them that way and we can’t change them.  The only hope, short of killing them, is to scare them into inaction.  At some point they will have to be dealt with.  The savagery will spread until it meets resistance.

Just stop it with the “American involvement breeds more terrorism” argument.  Outside involvement certainly didn’t breed this horror.  And neither did we.

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