Saturday, July 3, 2010

Asininity on the Gulf

This is good. There's a converted oil tanker-turned-oil-skimmer down in the Gulf now that is reportedly capable of filtering 21 million gallons of oil-tainted water a day. The EPA won't let it go to work until they've tested the filtered water. Wouldn't want to put polluted water back into the Gulf. Unless of course, it's less polluted than it was when you pulled it out of the Gulf. Why is there a need to test? It's like denying experimental drugs to the terminally ill.

Pointy-headed bureaucrats and inspectors never cease to amaze. Time is never of the essence. More important is their power and control. They have to be able to "sign off" on everything. And they think through fin-reg they can prevent another financial crisis? And that with ObamaCare they can improve and expand health care at a lower price? Dream on, McDuff.

Here's the article and the pertinent quote:
The ship arrived in the Gulf on Wednesday, but officials have wanted to test its capability as well as have the federal Environmental Protection Agency sign off on the water it will pump back into the gulf. Although the ship cleans most of the oil from seawater, trace amounts of crude remain.

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