Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here's One Place You Can Cut, Arnold

Walking by the Boobtube and caught this image of this stray dog being rescued by a helicopter team in Los Angeles. That's California for ya!

How much do you figure that dog's worth now? You have an hour or so of time for the helicopter. Expense wages for the pilot, the co-pilot, the guy who's dropped into the raging river, the guy in the back of the helo supervising the hoist. Worker's comp to pay for the cut on the guy's hand when Fido bit him. Not in the picture--upon rescue Fido was greeted by what looked like a fire engine and at least two police cruisers whose crews, I suppose, were all being paid union wages. Why wasn't the mayor there for the photo op?

But look at the good side: finally, it's Lassie who gets to be rescued. Everyone involved gets to be on TV. People get to FEEL GOOD. Someone gets to adopt Spike. Fox News gets feel-good filler on a slow news day.

The only problem is that CALIFORNIA IS BANKRUPT. Hey Aaaarnold, if you want to balance the budget, you might start with an executive order that we don't send helicopters to rescue stray dogs. Instead, let's spend the fifty grand on libraries or schools or debt reduction. And he wants the rest of us to bail Cauli-fornia out?

That's the problem with government. No one is held accountable. And now they want to run our health care.

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