Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Israelis told a ship carrying humanitarian aid from Lebanon to Gaza that it had to land in Egypt rather than Gaza. The ship agreed and then decided to go to Gaza first anyway. So the Israelis boarded the ship, took control, and are now reportedly towing it to Israel where the crew will be turned over to Israeli immigration and the cargo sent to Gaza over land. Read about it here.

My prediction? There will be more than rice and blankets found amongst the cargo.

No matter, Israel will still be portrayed as the aggressor (and as the devil) by Al-Jazeera.

If you want calm in the Gaza strip, you have to stop the smuggling of rockets. And that means Egypt needs to cooperate.

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  1. This is correct. The officer who took control of this "humanitarian" ship was interviewed today on Israeli radio.

    He reported that there was next to NO humanitarian aid on the ship, except a few bottles of water, and some things the crew could have used. No where near "fifty tons."

    This military man reported this was just another move to provoke the media.

    It's all a media game when it comes to Gazans.