Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't Be a Dick

My short-lived college roommate put every male he'd ever met into one of two simple categories. Ask him about someone he'd met and Taz would say either, "Yeah, he's a pretty good guy" or, "Nah, he's pretty much of a dick." Good guy or dick, it was one or the other. No room for confusion.

This recent peaceful transfer of power gives folks the opportunity to identify themselves.

Booing President Bush and VP Cheney from the Mall in DC today would qualify as a dick move and put you in the category of being a dick. Prosecuting someone for pouring water into a terrorist's nose when the lawyers said such tactics were legal at the time is a dick move, Rep. Conyers. You know what that makes you.

Not giving the New Kid a chance, questioning the honesty of his motives, wishing the economy gets worse so that he will fail--these can, in some cases, qualify you as a dick. Some folks have shown their dickish natures by rooting for higher casualties and American failure in Iraq and by cheering American economic collapse with the idea that such disaster, tho tragic, would help bring an end to GOP control of the executive branch.

Refusing to move-on can, in some instances, make you a dick. Blaming everything, ad nauseam, on the previous administration will surely make those who will want to call this the Bush Recession be dicks just as much as those who blamed 9/11 completely on Bill Clinton or completely on George Bush were dicks.

In the other camp, doing everything in your power to make this a smooth transition of power makes you a pretty good guy. Living by your campaign rhetoric which called for working together to solve some of our problems without all the Beltway BS will make anyone who can pull it off a pretty good guy. Possibly a miracle worker. Leaving the race card behind will also earn points toward being a pretty good guy.

Time will tell.

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