Monday, May 5, 2008

The Virginia Gold Cup

Went the the Virginia Gold Cup races for the first time in 22 years this past Saturday.

Some things have changed. The last time I was there, it was the first first year at the new course at Old Tavern/The Plains. I was a single, second year school teacher who got in free as a member of the Warrenton Jaycees and, thus, spent most of the day parking cars.

This time round we splurged and bought a spot on the rail. While there, I texted #2 son to see how his SATs had gone that morning. #1 son took pictures with his cell phone and ran into a couple University of Michigan cohorts (they're everywhere) who noticed my Big House hat. Seems there were one or two fewer races this time and since they moved the Ky Derby to 6:00, there was not the same great feel of stopping the Gold Cup races to listen to the Derby on the radio. The Jumbotrons are new. The Blackwater parachute team did a great job presenting the colors.

Some things haven't changed at all. #3 son fell asleep in the chair and awoke with a sunburn. Wifey, too, was nicely freckled by the sun. There were plenty of handsome sun dresses, a smattering of eye-catching ladies' hats, an extravagant number of fancy tailgate spreads, and, as always, plenty of amusing people to watch. Many of the the college kids and those freshly-out were too busy getting hammered to watch any of the races, but they were having fun and I didn't notice one who ever lost his manners. Our neighbors along the rail were very gracious.

And . . . there on the near horizon--Wildcat Mountain, comforting us with its presence.

All very polite, all very classy. We'll have to renew for next year.

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