Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot the Idiot

What an idiot. Lovely wife and three daughters. Big state governor whose residents inhabit the financial capital of the world. Sittin' on top of it all.

And he throws it all away. For what? It is simply beyond comprehension. Eliot Spitzer is yet another Martian. He's that pro athlete who grew up on another planet where from the sixth grade he lives by different rules and can do no wrong. He has the same incomprehensibly bloated ego, the same tragically self-absorbed world view.

Getting his just dessert? Sure he is. At the same time this is tragedy.

What an idiot.


p.s. Interesting that we have to wait on the Dems to do their polls and the focus group samplings to see how the winds are blowing before we can hear them defend him or condemn him. Some real change that we can believe "in". They have to take a poll to figure out a no brainer.

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